Our specialists could help you to choose the optimal solution with designing a solar power station in your home in the shortest possible time. We offer you high- quality equipment, fastening systems that can withstand various weather conditions, all the necessary components, professional installation, registration of all permissions, connection and uninterrupted functioning of your solar power station.
Depending on location and size of place (roof) for the installation solar panels, the parameters of the solar station may be different.
The payback period of a solar power plant depends on a number of factors. If we know these factors, we can estimate approximately the return period of your investments. The energy that a power station can generate primarily depends on its location (geographic latitude), which directly determines the amount of solar radiation per unit area (insolation). The orientation of the solar panels relative to the horizon and their angle of inclination relative to the horizon determine the amount of solar radiation that the solar power station will receive.
The decisive factor in calculating the payback of a solar power plant is the amount of your own electricity consumption. The less electricity your house consumes, the larger part you can sell to the State at a “green tariff”, which directly affects your income. It will take about 4.7-5.6 years to pay back the initial cost of the system, based on the value of energy savings, your own consumption and tax incentives.
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