Roller Shutter Systems

Automatics for roller shutter systems

To operate roller shutters ALUTECH offers a wide range of motors and accessories, from economy versions – classic manual motors, to the most comfortable and up-to-date solution – multifunctional motors with smart control systems.

In comparison to manual operation, automatic operation provides the most convenient opening and closing of roller shutters without wearisome rotation of the handle or winding the curtain with the help of the tape. In spacious houses, offices or shopping malls with many roller shutters only automatic operation enables to operate all roller shutters simultaneously or one at a time with just one press of a button.

The range of electric motors and control elements for roller shutters offered by ALUTECH is represented by various brands and ensures that a customer chooses the right solution in the appropriate price range.

Electric motors with various functions, power and control systems provide automation of roller shutters of any size and ensures the most convenient and safe means of control.

Anti-burglar roller shutters

Anti-burglar roller shutters are designed to provide high protection of sites openings with high security requirements (banks, jewelry stores, cash offices etc.).
Anti-burglar characteristics of the new ALUTECH system were confirmed by test results in following areas:

Thus, it was proved that the Alutech anti-burglar system withstands high loads:

Description of anti-burglar roller shutter

Mounting type – surface-mounted (the system is certified with surface mounted installation).

Colour range – 5 most popular colours in shagreen.

Roller shutters

Roller shutter systems (also called roller shutters) are installed in window and door openings to protect premises from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc.

ALUTECH Group of companies manufactures over 90% of profiles and components for roller shutter systems: roll-formed and extruded roller shutter profiles , end slats, guide rails, shutter boxes, end caps, octagonal tubes, manual drives. That is more than 6,000 positions in total.

Own production makes it possible to effectively control quality of the produced goods at all stages of the production cycle: from design to supply of end products to the customers.

Aluminum roller shutters are resistant to corrosion, precipitation exposure. They are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly. Primary structural component of roller shutters is the curtain consisting of aluminum roll-formed or extruded profiles. Alutech offers 7 types of roll formed profiles with foam insulation in more than 20 colors, and 3 types of extruded profiles in 19 colors. Height of the profiles ranges from 37 to 55 mm high and from 8.5 to 13.5 mm thick.

Roller shutter systems perform a number of important functions.

Due to wide range of color solutions and shutter boxes design, roller shutters can be considered as the original decorative element of the façade highlighting exclusive character and modern style of the house. Special color management program can visually evaluate advantages of new boxes and see their combination with various facades in a wide color range.

Rolling grills

Rolling grills are moving systems providing excellent appearance to shop windows and stained glass windows, and good protection of the valuables. They are an attribute of today’s trade centers and shops, and perfectly match with any building’s architecture and shopping mall interior space.

Thanks to ALUTECH rolling grills the shop windows can operate even at night. Certified anti-burglar protection enables usage of grills for protection of banks, offices, cafes and restaurants.

Rolling grills are made of extruded aluminum profiles: grillwork with rectangular windows, single- and double-wall reinforced profiles. Profile width: from 30 mm to 84 mm; thickness: from 13.5 to 19 mm.
Main advantages of rolling grills

Besides Alutech rolling grills are certified for RC2 and RC3 burglar resistance class according to EN 1627:2011 and are also tested in accordance with European norms and are CE marked.

Roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net

Alutech roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net is a functional solution that, in addition to the standard functions of the roller shutter, protects from insects, dust and poplar wool.

Mosquito net system ensures comfort and protect from bad weather without blocking fresh air coming into the room. ALUTECH roller shutter system with integrated mosquito net consists of:

Roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net are to be mounted into the window opening. Max. opening width is 1,6 m, max. opening height is 2,2 m. Min. roller shutter width (overall width) – 0,6 m. Max. effort required for mosquito net drawing down (max. roller shutter height) – no more than 5 kg.

Benefits of ALUTECH roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net:


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