Doors systems
Sectional doors are one of the most widely used types of doors in Europe. They are made of panels connected with hinges and moving along the track profiles, which are fastened to the sides of the opening and hidden in the ceiling. When opening the doors, the panels one by one positioned under the ceiling and do not require additional space in front of the doors.

ALUTECH sectional doors have wide sphere of use. They can be installed in houses, underground garages and parking lots, at industrial facilities, carwashes and vehicle service centers. Moreover, they fit harmoniously into the facade of any building complementing its design.

Doors control systems
Doors can be controlled manually or with the help of electric drive using the remote or indoor control device.

Upon customer’s request, automatic control system can be installed at the doors that have been already mounted. There is also a special release mechanism for unlocking the electric drive in case of the power cutoff.

Service life
The doors spring resource is 25 thousand open/close cycles. It corresponds to 10 years of flawless operation with 7 open/close cycles a day. The operation life of the sectional doors with the wicket can be further prolonged just by changing the springs.

If more intensive use of the doors is required, the construction may be fitted with springs with the resource up to 100 thousand open/close cycles.

Design and materials
Alutech sandwich-panels are made of steel sheets that are specially processed and, thus, resistant to different types of impact. The panel is filled with eco-friendly foam polyurethane that is why they are safe for people and do not damage the ozone layer. External surface of the panel has woodgrain embossing that hides minor scratches emerging during the operation. Crease resistant EPDM-seal ensures flexibility of the panel under low temperatures, enhance their weather resistance properties, guarantees good air impermeability of the door leaf as well as additional thermal insulation. The design of the panels ensures their self-centering and eliminates the slop between them. This and preliminary prepared perforations for the components make mounting of the doors easier.

Along the perimeter the doors are fitted out with the rubber seals which cover the junction and together with the track profiles ensure reliable sealing of the opening.

Sectional doors have perfect impact and windload resistance properties. Moreover, the doors that are designed for the premises with high humidity are made from corrosion resistant materials that prolong their operation life.

Safety of operation
ALUTECH pays great attention to the safety of its products. Our doors comply with all the European safety standards (EN 12604, EN 12453).

Specific design of sandwich-panels and pivots eliminate any possibility of finger trapping between the panels and between the door leaf and vertical track profile.

All sectional doors have special mechanism ensuring protection against spring breakage. Industrial sectional doors are fitted with special brackets that blocks a door leaf in case of wire rope breakage. To prevent trespassing the doors can be equipped with anti-jacking protection device.

All the doors are fitted with special safety system. If there is something that prevents the door leaf from moving further down, the system will automatically stop.

Quality standards
Advanced engineering, modern high-technology equipment and permanent quality control on every production stage – all these allow us to manufacture sectional doors in compliance with the world standards.

Quality management system of Alutech Doors Systems LLC in “design, development, manufacture of protective and walling structures and their parts; manufacture and delivery of die casting products” is certified according to ISO 9001 which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

Product range
Upon customer’s request the doors can be made from horizontally ribbed panels, panels with Microwave or Cassette embossing.

Wide range of colors allows to accentuate style not only of the private house but also of the manufacturing facility. Alutech doors can be painted in any colors similar to those in RAL-catalogue. For customer’s convenience the doors can be supplied with the inbuilt wicket door or the side door that complements the design of the main construction. All the sectional doors with the inbuilt wicket doors have sensors that determine its position. They switch off the electric drive if the wicket is opened.

For additional illumination of the premises the doors may have acryl windows inbuilt.


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