Docking Equipment

Dock Shelters meant to protect warehouses, goods and personnel against atmospheric effects and draughts during cargo-handling works. The dock shelters are especially needed for warehouses with strict requirements to the storage conditions stability, e.g. in low-temperature warehouses. Dock shelters together with high-speed gates ensure minimum environmental influence on the temperature within the warehouse even if the number of arriving transport is great.

Depending on tasks assigned to the loading terminal, shelters may have different sizes and various configurations. Alutech/Novodock offers solutions for any dimensions of cargo transport, starting from Gazel and ending with a Eurotruck.

The dock shelter dimensions are determined not on the basis of the entrance size rather on the basis of the cargo truck dimensions. Angular seals, that are mounted in the lower part of the dock shelter, are used in order to improve insulation between truck and loading terminal. Alutech/NovoDock dock levelers are one of the most important components of a loading terminal since they provide the main function – space covering and level difference compensation between the loading ramp and the cargo truck.

Dock Levelers
Use of dock levelers enables safe and efficient loading operations. Due to the dock leveler loading equipment can move in and out of the truck, which eliminates the need in manual work and significantly reduces the time required for loading operations.

The dock leveler shall be selected in consideration of the dimensions of cargo trucks, acceptable loading angle and height of the loading ramp. In perfect conditions the ramp shall be located just a little above the cargo platform of most commonly used trucks. The maximum acceptable loading angle according to industrial safety rules requirements corresponds to the ratio of the platform working length to its height and shall not exceed 1:8 (12.5o).

The leveler is installed in special hollow in the concrete ramp of the warehouse. The hollow dimensions are based on special drawings of the leveler installation. In certain cases levelers are built-in special transfer platform that is installed to the front side of the warehouse. Lifting tables

Type Lifting tables
Lifting table is a special equipment for raising the cargo to a warehouse, a production shop, in the car dealership.


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